All Aboard The East Sussex 1!



On a Sunny Saturday in July, in very favourable weather conditions, a number of Youth Zone members met at
Sovereign Harbour Marina to board the East Sussex 1.
The boat is a small former naval vessel owned by the Maritime Volunteer Service
that may have been involved in the Falklands War.
After a quick safety briefing, they were off, passing under the raised bridge to reach the lock,
whose water levels lowered to let them out into the sea in a westerly direction.
During the course of the journey, the crew generously allowed Youth Zone
members to have a go at steering the boat, which apparently is not as simple as it sounds! 

“It’s very different to the steering in a car, for example. In order to keep a straight course, the wheel must be constantly readjusted. Some of us were better than others!) but we managed to avoid crashing into anything, although we had a very near miss with a skiff on the way back!”

Samuel – Youth Zone Member

Samuel – Youth Zone Member
Once again our thanks go to Niell and the crew of the East Sussex 1


Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the voyage!