You will find us in the church lounge serving tea, coffee, fruit juice and home-made cakes at very competitive prices.


The church building is open where you can sit or pray (with or without a member of the Team)  or leave your prayer requests. There is someone to chat to, either in the church or in the lounge if you wish, or peace and quiet if you don’t.    Friends gather together regularly.
Customer feedback tells us                          “It all looks so clean and pretty”
                                                                   “I look forward to Friday morning all week”
                                                                   “We love arranging to meet our friends”
                                                                   “We always get a warm welcome”
So – All are welcome, of any faith or none.   Bring your friends or your grandchildren or come and make a new friend.
Do you fancy being a helper or as a cake-maker, either as a member of the Team or now and again and want more info?
Telephone Ron Timms 441079, 
Elizabeth Munday 841127 or Dot Pollard 449338    



A note from the Bite-In Team….
As requested in the weekly church notices, Bite-in really needs more help to carry on the weekly Friday morning sessions.
These are greatly appreciated by our customers 
but we are finding staffing increasingly difficult as there is no wish to impose on our band of volunteers as often and we would very much appreciate more numbers in order to spread the need to ask as often.
Obviously the more helpers on the list, the less often a duty comes up – it is not arduous and has a great sense of Community. Would anyone who could consider a Friday morning at the Bite-In therefore please contact  Ron on 844988; Elizabeth on 841127 or Dot on 449338.
 Thank you.  Bite-In Team.