Cops n Robbers

Wed 31st Aug - Fri 2nd Sept 2022

Our helpers and Cadets (secondary age children / sixth formers) welcomed the younger children into the transormed church building… Wanted posters, jail bars, police CAUTION tape and a lot of dodgy looking characters – what was going on?
It’s ok – nothing sinister! Our Cops n Robbers Summer Holiday Club was about to begin… where the children would learn how the story of Joseph is a true story from the bible and it’s part of a much bigger story – God’s story- a story of how God loves his children and comes to rescue them. 


As the children were welcomed into their groups, they made themsleves a police badge. Once everyone had arrived we all met together for Lyn (know as Light Fingered Lyn!) and Detective David to introduce themselves. “Kris & the Kriminals” taught some very quiet children Nothing Takes God By Surprise and You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good (our memory verse song). 

In todays narration and teach, the children discovered the plot and the crime as Joseph’s brothers have had enough of Joseph’s boasting and dreams and decide to get rid of him. However, instead of killing him, they sell him to a group of traders who take him off to Egypt. We learnt how God was at work and in control despite sin. After a quick refreshment break, the kids got stuck into making paper chain people – Joseph and his 11 brothers!

Everyone walked over to the vicarage garden for some fun cops n robbers games, such as the energetic running around game “Stuck in the jail” and the stealth game “Sleeping police officer”. When they returned, the (much louder) children enjoyed more singing and an episode of “The Watt Family” drama… they even got to see Detective David being custard pied before heading home!


As they waited for friends to arrive, children decorated iced biscuits with “fingerprints” ready for snacktime later in the morning, then in Thursdays story, the children found Joseph stuck in prison. They heard how God’s plans do come to pass, but they do take time, just as Joseph was eventually released from prison and given a top job alongside the Pharaoh of Egypt. Following Jesus includes waiting on God, and God does not disappoint us.

“Kris & the Kriminals” introduced another song Come on and follow and recapped songs from Wednesday before everyone enjoyed their bisuits while spending time in groups discussing the story and filling in activity books.

After a very messy, sticky time making the craft (a lolly stick jail picture) the children headed to the garden for games to burn off some energy, “Search for a Clue” (a treasure hunt game) and “Robbing the Bank” – children took it in turns to ‘steal’ a ball from the bank, different coloured balls were worth different amounts of money so it was very competitive! When they returned, the children spent some time learning the memory verse and recapping the songs they had learnt so far – then sat back for another wacky episode of “The Watt Family” drama before it was time to go home.


Children started off the day with making a brightly coloured card to take home, before Sneaky Steve spoke about “The brother’s re-united” taken from Genesis chapter 42 to 45 – the aim of the talk was understanding that God not only rules over what happens in the world, but he can change people’s hearts . Most of all this shows us that God can change all our hearts to follow him. 

After some singing and fun recapping the week’s memory verse, children split up into groups for snacks, discussions and to design their own bags of loot, complete with plenty of stick on gems and “real” gold coins before heading off for games. In the first game “Convicts” – children had a ball and chain (balloon on a string) on one ankle. Leaders (Police Officers) had to try to stamp on the balloon and set them free.  Then the favourite game each year – The “Holiday Club Water Game”, passing the soaked sponge down the line and squeeze it into the bucket. The team with the most water collected is the winner.

By now the children had overcome all shyness , and when they returned for the final session all together, they raised the roof with their singing! The morning was topped off by the final episode of the Watt family drama and by Light-fingered Lyn being custard-pied – another holiday club favourite!

The Watt Family Drama...

As ever, a big highlight for everyone was the Watt family drama. The Watt family were in a cops and robbers adventure and found themselves framed for a crime they did not commit. There was much laughter and excitement all the way through.

A big thank you to our cadets, the Watt Family couldn’t manage without you!

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good. To accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.