Starship Discovery

Tuesday 27th – Friday 30th August

9.45 am – 12.30 pm

Our action packed Holiday Club for Primary School children.
4 sessions packed full of craft, games, Bible Stories, songs and The Watt Family drama

Tuesday 27th – Friday 30th August 9.45 am  – 12.30 pm
followed by
Family picnic / games (venue tbc) Saturday 31st August 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
All Age Service: Holiday Club Special Sunday 1st Sept 10.30 am




Over 50 children joined us on a blisteringly hot day – to blast off into the unknown, as we climbed aboard the Starship Discovery! After a lively welcome, the children were introduced to our first songs…  My God is so big, Our God is a great big God and Jesus is the King. With the help of a dramatically delivered narration, the children heard the story of Simon Peter turning to follow Jesus and that Jesus wants each of us to choose to turn and follow him. 

When they split up into groups, Astronauts and Asteroids began their fun by transforming a tube into a rocket in the craft pod! The youngest groups spent some more time learning about the story and munching meteorite snacks! Aliens and Spaceships dashed around playing parachute games, a space themed game of dodgeball, a game of aliens and astronauts (like cat and mouse!) and a even had time for a space hopper race!

After each group had done all of the activities, they came back together for more singing and to enjoy the first visit from the Watt Family – the ever popular holiday club drama! The whole Watt family found themselves launched into outerspace (much to Grandma’s surprise) and Mummy gets mistakenly teleported onto an alien spacecraft… what will happen to Mummy!!??


Choose yourself today whom you will serve: as for me, I will serve the Lord.
(Joshua 24:15)




Day 2 aboard the Starship discovery and the children found out just how much Lewis trusted Captain Lyn (falling backwards, even when he could hear Lyn wasn’t behind him!)…. then they listed to another dramatised story – discovering that Jesus walked on the water but Peter struggled to keep trusting Jesus and began to sink when he tried!

The children recapped the songs from yesterday and then were introduced to Trust in the Lord (Prov. 3: 5), which was also the memory verse for today!

When they split into groups for activities, Rockets and Planets had a quick snack & thought more about how we need to see who Jesus really is and to trust him with all our heart. Spaceships and Aliens enjoyed zooming around with a game of space-themed “port and starboard”, relay races (whilst having to hold onto their ankles!) and a VERY loud game of world volleyball… the world – the ball – was literally in their hands! The older groups started the morning making a foamy flip flop craft and also decorated a delicious biscuit to take home.

At the end of the busy morning the groups met together once more to enjoy more singing (very enthusiastic!) and listen to space jokes…

…so, what happened to Mummy Watt? well, the Watt family managed to arrange a deal with the aliens BUT, they tricked the aliens and made them cross… will the Tarragons blast them into smithereens????


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
(Proverbs 3:5)



Such a busy day for all of those aboard the Starship Discovery today! Again, another 50+ children joined us to discover more about Peter… after a brief welcome, the children designed mini aliens and then heard todays story, before launching into some exciting songs – including a new song No-one is good (Mighty, Mighty Saviour). 

When they divided into their teams, Spaceships and Aliens played a weird game involving peas and straws, made mayhem with meteorites (basically stealing bean bags from each other!) and then went outside for an obstacle course race that involved launching rockets!!! Inside, the youngest groups began by hearing a story that involved Peter making mistakes – just as we all trip up, mess up and turn away from God. BUT, our God is gracious and merciful – Jesus died for Peter’s sins and for our sins too so that we can be forgiven. How amazing is that?! Astronauts and Asteroids worked making a space themed mobile to take home.

Everyone enjoyed another visit from the whacky, happy Watt Family – today they steered away from the Tarragon aliens, suffered a major computer malfunction and were sucked into a black hole – will they every get out? 

Just before everyone met their parents there was just enough time for a final song  – Our God is a great big God… this song is CLEARLY the favourite amongst our space adventurers – they nearly blew the roof off!

Back for more adventures tomorrow…

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

1 Timothy 1:15




Our final day on the Starship discovery…. everyone was eager to get started, but while we waited for everyone to arrive, the children had a chance to make up their own secret codes. Shortly children gathered in the middle of the spaceship to enjoy more singing – racapping songs and learning a new song First Timothy, chapter one, verse fifteen (Christ Jesus Came) – which was also the memory verse from day three!

To add to the already excited atmosphere… the children had an early visit from the Watt Family – somehow they had escaped the black hole and began to relax… only to be followed by a Tarragon Spaceship! Soon Tarragon aliens teleported aboard and started chasing Nicky… were the Tarragons taking over the Starship???

The children had to wait to find out and so will you!

For today’s craft the children made alien spaceships – it’s amazing how every single one turned out unique. The children were very happy to find out that when they went home the spaceships could also be used as frisbees! There was more fun to be had in the games as groups had to carefully follow instructions from Captain Lyn, then they trooped outside to try and salvage the leaking liquid oxygen (water!) supplies, by transporting it in small containers into a new oxygen tank.

In their small groups, the children discovered how Peter underwent a transformation as he was equipped by God to do great things as he and the other disciples received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Finally everyone gathered for a final visit from the Watt family – it turns out the Tarragons were sorry for not returning Mummy Watt sooner (apparently she’s good at cleaning!), they only wanted to ask if Nicky wanted to come over to their spaceship to play computer games and to have tea with Grandma. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship with the Tarragons???

Our journey came to and end with the new song First Timothy… and another raucous rendition of Our God is a great big God!


I will always be with you; I will never abandon you 

Joshua 1:5

Thanks for joining us aboard the