Thursday 4th July – Pimms and Pudding Evening

 in the Vicarage Garden


 Women2Women One of our most popular events …


A good number of ladies met together for a summer evening in the Vicarage garden on 4th July.  We were blessed with good weather and a wonderful array of puddings (some more American themed than others!).  It was an opportunity to invite friends along and meet new people, and a lovely relaxed environment to chat and get to know one another over Pimms (or non-alcoholic alternatives).

Joan spoke about how God has been at work in her life, through the good times, and the very hard times.  It was a great encouragement to hear about how faithful God is, even when we are tempted to drift away from Him.  We were so thankful for Joan’s honesty and humility, as she shared her story of how God brought her to follow Jesus, her saviour, and what he has meant in her life.  It was very moving and encouraging to hear about how her relationship with Jesus has brought her through the darkest moments in her life.  Praise God that he cares for his people!