Fairytale themed light party!


Take a look at the video below, to see a glimpse of the fun we had…


Fairytale Light Party

Halloween is best known for ‘trick or treat’ and scary costumes. It all seems like harmless fun but as Christians we recognise that the world is broken, that there is much darkness in the world and so we want to celebrate Jesus, the One who is the light of the world who has overcome the darkness.
One way to celebrate is with a party and so that’s what we did! With a fairytale theme it gave children (and adults!)
the opportunity to dress up. The children enjoyed themed crafts and activities such as ‘plant one of Jack’s beans’, ‘decorate a gingerbread man’, ‘carve Cinderella’s pumpkins’, ‘Snow White’s apple bobbing’. There was also Sleeping Beauty’s bouncy castle, face painting and glitter tattoos.
Although the light party was a fairytale theme we wanted to show that Jesus is not a fairtytale character. The Bible is not a book of made up stories but the truth. Colin Buchanan has helpfully written a song called ‘Jesus is no fairytale’ and so we watched the video of this before singing some songs. We then heard the true story of how Jesus showed how powerful he is when he calmed the storm and saved his friends.
It’s not a party without food and so what better way to finish than with delicious hotdogs and ice cream factory!
A fun morning…….No tricks……….but lots of treats!