Special Event for Seniors

(who says the kids have all of the fun!?)

Monday 5th – Wednesday 7th August

10.00 am – 3.15pm


HPC Holiday at Home has ended for its 10th Year (although 1 was missed in 2016 due to the kitchen work). This year we had 24 different attendees throughout the 3 days with Tuesday being the busiest day. We missed several regular attendees this year due to age or ill health; but it was lovely to welcome some new folk, and all seemed to enjoy chatting, relaxing, eating and laughing together. We tried something different this year and had a different theme each day.  At the Seaside, The Theatre, and The Countryside with singing, entertainment and appropriate “props” each day.

Denise gave a daily “thought for the day” in keeping with the theme…                                              

Psalm 23    Rest and relaxation

Psalm 139  Do we “play act” and try to hide from God

Psalm  8      Creation – and we are part of that

It was a lot of hard work for the committee  but there were many favourable comments from our questionnaire including “Would not change anything”  “Loved the Themes”  “Lovely food”   Many said as they were leaving  “See you next year” – we shall see!!


The video below showcases a few highlights…

(You can also see an excerpt from a skit by “Henry and ‘Liza” on the main  Holiday at Home page)