Special Services for your Child

Adult Baptism

Planning to get Married

Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage! Planning weddings can be a stressful experience, but we’re here to help. There are a number of steps to go through, both legal and practical so if you would like to consider getting married at HPC please contact us at an early stage and before any other arrangements are confirmed.

You may also like to visit the Church of England’s ‘Your Wedding’ website.

Facing a Funeral

We’re very sorry if you’ve been recently bereaved. At a time like this we want to support you, and help you to remember your loved ones in a fitting and appropriate way. If you’d like to hold a funeral or thanksgiving at Hailsham Parish Church or to have one of our ministers take a crematorium service then please contact us through the undertaker of your choice.

A special service for your child

Thank you for enquiring about a special service for your child. Things have changed from when we were young, the Church of England now has two slightly different services and increasing numbers of parents are choosing to have a Thanksgiving service for their children instead of a Baptism service.

We are delighted to offer a service of Thanksgiving to God for the birth of every child. This service which involves family and friends is a wonderful time of thankfulness, blessing and prayer, in which we as a church undertake to pray for and support you and your family at this exciting time. We love it when thanksgiving services take place in our Sunday morning service but they can be arranged for any mutually convenient time. Your child may have supporters, and we will give you a certificate to mark the occasion.

We ask all families thinking about a service for a child to have a thanksgiving service.

Many families find that the service of thanksgiving is exactly what they are after. Committed Christian parents often proceed from a thanksgiving service onto a service of Christian Family Baptism (sometimes referred to as a Christening). The service of Christian Family Baptism is a significant step of commitment to Jesus and ongoing participation in the life of our church family, for that reason our baptism services are always a part of one of our main services. Solemn and joyful promises are made by you and your child’s godparents before God and the implications of baptism are far reaching. It isn’t a service for everyone but we would prepare you and your child’s godparents for the solemn and special promises that you would be making.

We very much look forward to welcoming you and your family at HPC on Sunday at 10:30am.

Adult Baptism

As an Anglican church we believe it is good to baptise the children of believers, those who know and love the Lord Jesus as they are brought up within the family of the church. But for those who’ve not been baptised as infants and come to trust in the Lord Jesus later in life then it is right that they should be baptised to mark the beginning of their new life in Christ and their belonging to his church.

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