The Adventure Cruise

Tue 28 – Fri 31 August 2018

9.45am – 12.30pm

Day One

Our ship set sail to begin an epic adventure on the 6 Seas (that should be C’s!) to discover “Who is this man?” – to learn more about Jesus each day. The children began by meeting their team leaders and colouring in their team logos – they were very keen to get on board with Captain Lyn.

The fun started with an introduction to “He’s the King of Kings… (Who is this man?)?” which was the main theme song for the holiday club and “A leper came to Jesus (Please Make Me Clean)”, followed by a lively re-telling of the story of the man that was healed of his leprosy (Luke 5: 12-16).

As the children split into groups – Islanders and Life-guards had the chance to make a port-hole collage, showing us what they would like to see from their cabins, some chose underwater scenes while others spied tropical islands! Dolphins and Divers had a drink and snack and spent some time looking at the Bible Story in more detail and exploring the Sea of Choice – how Jesus is a good choice to follow. Guppies and Liners let off some steam by playing fantastic games – an old favourite “Port and Starboard” where they had to obey Ollie’s every command and then “Untie the knot” – this seemed to be the favourite… staring in a big circle, each child held the hand of two others (not standing next to them) – this created a tangled web from which each child had to attempt to unknot themselves without letting go of hands. It took some doing! Then it was all change as the groups swapped activities.

With around 60 passengers and 20+ crew it was certainly a lively day! All too soon it was time to return to shore, but first the children learnt the memory verse (Proverbs 3 :6) and enjoyed the first episode of the drama – welcoming the happy, whacky, crazy Watt family onboard… The Watt Family are hoping for a nice seaside holiday, but a pirate turns up to steal a briefcase from a sailor. Will they make the right choice?

Day Two

Well, after a brief time ashore all crew and passengers returned aboard the ship. As children went to their cabin groups they made and decorated sailors hats, simple yet great fun! When everyone called to muster, Captain Lyn went over the first memory verse again and then once more the children enjoyed a dramatic version of the days story – when Jesus was anointed by a sinful woman (Luke 7:36-50). We learnt a new song “Remember, remember, remember the Lord (Remember the Lord)” as well as very enthusiastically revisiting the ones from Day One (that were buzzing around our brains all day!)

Today, Guppies and Liners started the main session with a game of Sharks – if you were caught by the shark you got turned into sticky seaweed! Then they had a riotous time with a surf and slide relay (pulling each other around on a bright beach towel), the adults seemed to enjoy it even more than the children 😊. Islanders and Life-guards made their very own ship’s lanterns to light us on our way while Dolphins and Divers had a rest, thinking about how different people respond to Jesus in different ways.

When everyone was back together it was almost time to see how the Watt family were getting on, but first they recapped the memory verse with the aid of an extremely large beach ball! Then, at last, it was time for the Watt family – Having been rewarded with a luxury cruise, they’re expecting a chance to relax. However, when Grandma discovers a dastardly plot, will she stand up to the pirates and show courage?

Day Three

…started with a splash as the children made life-rings as a reminder that Jesus is our Saviour. All the crew gathered together to learn the new memory verse (Romans 10:13) and then introduced another song ‘Sing it (Jesus)’ which was to link to the joy felt by Bartimaeus in the story for the day (Luke 18:35-43). ‘Romans chapter ten, verse thirteen (Everyone who Calls)’ helped everyone remember the learn memory verse.

The youngest group started the activities rotation by spending some quiet time continuing with the theme of ‘Who Is this man?’ and learnt that the blind man not only saw with his eyes, but also saw Jesus as God’s Promised King. The older children showed off their creative talents, when they fashioned boats out of lolly sticks, people and anchors out of pipe-cleaners and made a multitude of multi-coloured sails! The final group of children played games; a mad, dashing around game involving teams racing to collect fish from a pile in the middle of the floor or stealing from another team! Then a more precarious game – walking the plank… more difficult than it sounded (was is punishment for stealing the fish, do you think?)

With everyone in need of a rest, all 6 groups returned to the deck to go over the memory verse – at the same time as making a Mexican wave or a continuous wave with everyone holding hands. Then (after the many little voices chanting “come out Watt family” became a deafening roar)… lights, cameras, action – The Watt family drama – where is Grandma Watt??? With Grandma gone, Rick and Will are determined to find her. But when the Captain is called to swap his precious case for Grandma, will he agree to the terms?

Day Four

All too soon, the final stage of our cruise is upon us – the passengers started off the day’s fun by making mats for gingerbread men to lay on, complete with strawberry laces… errrr, I mean, ropes to lower down the paralysed man from the story for the day (Luke 5:17-26) – some seemed to find it hard not to eat their treats, but were just about persuaded to keep them for snack time! Today a catchy new song ‘For God so loved the world’ highlighted the importance of forgiveness in the story of the paralysed man.

Spirits were high when the children went to their different activities, Liners and Guppies started off with a hilarious, boisterous, extremely loud game where they had to try and get the huuuuge beach ball past the other team to win points, then rounded off the games with a tropical relay, dressing up in beach shorts, hats, sunglasses and sandals in an effort to beat the other team! Divers and Dolphins ‘finally’ got to eat their gingerbread men and spent a few minutes considering ‘Who is this man (Jesus)?’ and how only God can do all these things (heal the sick and more importantly forgive sins). Life-guards and Islanders each found a treasure chest of their own, ready to decorate and fill with goodies – with a little extra treasure added in later as a nice chocolatey surprise.

As the shore came into sight, everyone gathered on deck for a final sea-shanty sing-along… and much to the children’s delight the Watt family made another appearance… The Captain is, to Rick and Will’s dismay, refusing to give up his case for Grandma. However, the children’s determination could change everything… what WAS in the Captain’s briefcase?

On Eastbourne Beach

The Adventure Cruise docked at Eastbourne beach on Saturday morning, for an exciting time of games, singing and a final episode of the Watt family drama… and a family picnic – a fantastic way to round off our Adventure Cruise.

Fortunately the sun was blazing so most of the crew and passengers took the opportunity for a paddle. The mad-capped games continued with the watery theme, with dripping sponges being passed from hand to hand racing to fill each teams bucket! Being a bit on the blustery side, there was a challenge for the Watt family to perform, but the show did indeed go on – With both Grandma and the master key at their disposal, it looks as though the pirates have won. Will the Watt family’s commitment overcome the threat of the pirates?

We hope you enjoyed sailing with us through our adventure…. See you next time!