The Heroes Academy

Wed 17 & Thu 18 April 2019

9.45am – 12.30pm

Day One

WOW! What an amazing morning we had!
62 children joined the heroes academy for fun and games, music and teaching, crafts and jokes…

Led from the front by our very own Flash Girl – who zipped around the church in a dazzling display of super-sonic speed – the children didn’t even see her leave the stage!

Our little heroes joined together to be introduced to the much loved Easter Explorers theme song, Super Saviour, our memory verse song (For even the S..S..Son of Man) and a new song – He must be God.

On the big screen, children watched an exciting video, learning how Jesus calmed a storm with just his words, then they split up into smaller groups. The 2 older groups began with crafts, whilst the middle groups had fun and games such as dribbling (hockey-style) and duck, duck, goose. The younger groups spent a few minutes hearing more about the greatest superhero of them all (JESUS!) and munching a superhero cupcake.

“The Son of Man did not come to be served. He came to serve. The Son of Man came to give his life to save many people.”
(Mark 10:45)

Day Two

What a glorious sunny morning! Once again we opened the doors of the heroes academy to welcome our budding superheroes. This morning we started off by stretching our super-brains and completing complex word searches and working out our superhero names…

We enjoyed an amazing puppet show which taught the children the story of a rich young man who wanted to follow Jesus but didn’t want to give anything up… then, once again the music team led our lively songs, recapping from yesterday and then introducing another song – Jesus is greater than the greatest heroes.

The littlest heroes continued their training by looking at the story in more detail, whilst enjoying a squash and chocolate biscuits (it’s a tough life!). The middle groups whizzed around the room on their cloaks (relay races, pulling each other along on blankets!) much to the amusement of the older children, who were busily designing their own super heroes. When all of the activities had been completed, we rounded off the morning with hilarious puns that the children had tucked into “the joke cloak” and some more songs to finish the day.

Well done to our little superheroes… we hope you enjoyed joining us at The Heroes Academy!