Christianity Explored Courses

What is Christianity? It is all about one life, the life of Jesus.

And it can be summed up in the answers to three questions:

  •    Who is Jesus?
       Why did Jesus come?
       What does it mean for us?

If you have ever asked these questions or are curious to find out then the Christianity Explored course is a simple introduction to the Christian faith. It’s accessible to all and will answer these questions and is also a great refresher for those who have been Christians a while.

Come with a friend or on your own, we won’t embarrass you or assume anything. We promise a fun evening and to take your questions seriously.

There are two groups running:

Tuesday evenings, 7.45pm in the Church Lounge (starts 14th January)

Wednesday mornings, 9.45am at 15 The Stiles (starts 15th January).

Invitation flyers are available at the back of church for you or for if you wish to invite a friend. 

Speak to Rory or Lyn for more information –