Recent and new songs

‘Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.’  (Psalm 96:1)

From time to time we learn new songs in our services.  Here you can listen to some of the songs we’ve learned recently as well as songs we’re planning to introduce in future services.  This may help you to learn them more quickly.

You have called us out of darkest night

Inspired by Psalm 67, You have called us out of darkest night (May the Peoples Praise You) is a call to mission for the church and a call to worship for everyone — that all may praise the glorious name of Jesus.  We’ve chosen to introduce the song as we approach our special week of mission, Connect 2018 (17th-25th March).

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Just the Way God Wanted Us to Be 

Learning about God isn’t just for grown-ups!  That’s the thought behind the musical album The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New (and also the storybook theology of the same name).  God made the earth and filled it full (Just the Way God Wanted Us to Be), one song from the album, teaches kids and grown-ups about people as well as God in a memorable, creative and understandable way.

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If you enjoy actions, here they are!…

God speaks, we listen

We’ve chosen to introduce God speaks, we listen at the end of October so that we can sing it with confidence at the beginning of November when, at our Reformation 500 all-age service, we’ll be unpacking the theme, among others, that anyone can read God’s word and understand it.

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Shine from the inside out

We’ve chosen to introduce Shine from the inside out on the Sunday the Howles family, our mission partners at Uganda Martyrs Seminary, visit us.  An all-age song with a focus on being sent by God to live for him in the world, Shine will help to fill a gap in our all-age repertoire.

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Creator God

You put the stars in outer space (Creator God) by Nick and Becky Drake is song for the whole church family to sing together as we celebrate God and, in particular, his goodness as we encounter it in his amazing creation.  Our Youth Band enjoyed learning this song last autumn (2016).  A year on, we’ll be singing it as a church for the first time as part of our all-age harvest festival.

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It’s A Light And A Hammer

A number of children from our church returned home from Bible by the Beach in May 2017 singing Hold the power of the universe in your hand (It’s A Light And A Hammer) by the band Awesome Cutlery, who led their singing over the weekend. We used the song for the first time at HPC during our recent Watt-A-Lott Castle Holiday Club, where, each day, we focused on a different piece of the armour of God (Ephesians 6). This included the sword of the Spirit, which is where this song came in! It’s a great all-age song about God’s living, active and powerful word!

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Only A Holy God

This new song from CityAlight Music considers the uniqueness of our holy God and calls us to respond in worship to the everlasting One and Only.



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He Will Hold Me Fast

When I fear my faith will fail (He Will Hold Me Fast) combines original words by Ada Habershon with new words and music by Matt Merker. Keith and Kristyn Getty describe how, on hearing the song for the first time, they ‘felt it was a unique jewel that would be a comfort and encouragement to God’s people as we live out faith in these difficult times, whether in suffering, persecution or death.’

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Where, O Grave, Is Your Victory?

Through all life’s sorrows and despairs (Where, O Grave, Is Your Victory?) helps us to express confident hope in the face of sorrows, despairs and even death — all because of the death and resurrection of heaven’s eternal King.

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To God be the glory

This is a refreshing modernisation of a wonderful classic. The original words by Fanny J Crosby have been set to new music by Nathan Fellingham. The song was sung by Lou Fellingham, released in 2010 on the Phatfish album Step into the Light. Praise the Lord indeed!

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Your love

Here’s a lively, catchy all-age song about God’s awesome, faithful and everlasting love. We’re introducing Your love by Bob Kauflin partly in anticipation of hearing about the amazing heights of God’s love as we return shortly to our sermon series on the book of Romans.

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O faithful Lord

O faithful Lord was borne out of a time of personal sadness for the author, Mark Bradford. In his words, the song ‘[expresses] a confidence in God, albeit a confidence expressed in brokenness rather than in triumph; yet a confidence determinedly holding on to the promises of God — not least the ultimate promise that, one day, God will make all things new.

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Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!

How can it be the One who died (Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!) by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Ed Cash helps us to sing with joy of the Lord Jesus’ resurrection.  Presented as a musical item at HPC on Easter Sunday 2016, we decided to re-launch the song a year on for the congregation to sing too!

You can see the lyrics and listen to and buy the music here:

The Gospel Song

Holy God in love became (The Gospel Song) is a simple expression of a truth at the heart of the gospel.  The song links to Romans chapter 5, verse 8:  ‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

You can view the lyrics for this song or buy the song or the album it comes from here:

Astounding grace

Astounding grace is a collaborative effort by Bible scholar Don Carson and musicians Philip Percival and Steve James.  It helps us to reflect on and respond in praise to the astounding grace of Christ who made himself a ‘no-one in our sight’ that we might be made righteous in God’s.

The song comes from an album called For the love of God, which you can buy as a CD here:


God is a holy God

God is a holy God is a simple echo song by Paul Sheely.  Its message (in reverse order to the lyrics):  God opens his arms to welcome us in when we put our trust in Jesus, who died to wash us clean from the sin that separates us from our holy God.

This is another song from the all-age Bible overview album The King, the Snake and the Promise.  You can buy the enhanced CD containing the song here:

Guess what happened long ago? (Glory to God)

This Christmas-themed all-age song, by Felicity and Bryson Smith and Philip Percival, was written as part of a children’s Bible overview resource, The King, the Snake and the Promise. We’re singing it for the first time in our Countdown to Christmas all-age service (11th December 2016), when we’ll be considering whether the story of Jesus is fairytale or fact.

You can buy the enhanced CD containing the song here:

The world belongs to God (Jesus saves! Jesus saves!)

The gospel of salvation in Jesus sung to the tune of Jingle Bells!

You can hear this song on the albums King of Christmas and King of the Jungle. You can buy the song or these albums as MP3s or CDs here:

Joy has dawned upon the world

Joy has dawned upon the world is a modern carol by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty that retells and rejoices in the promised dawning of everlasting joy. Sung as a choir item at our Carols by Candlelight service in 2015, Joy has dawned is being taken up this year as a congregational carol.

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Facing a task unfinished

Facing a task unfinished was was originally written in 1931 by Frank Houghton. This fresh arrangement with an additional chorus was written by Keith and Kristyn Getty and others in 2015. We’ll sing it for the first time at HPC on Sunday 30th October 2016 as we consider God’s mission to the world as part of our sermon series on Jonah.

To view the lyrics, listen to and/or buy the music, or simply to find out more about the background to the hymn, please click here:

There are kings, there are queens (Kings and Queens)

This all-age song, by Nick and Becky Drake, gives us reasons and means to celebrate the supremacy of Jesus. Shout out loud: Jesus reigns!

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In Ephesians three, verse eighteen (How broad, how long)

This action song by John Hardwick helps us to commit to memory some of the Bible’s teaching about Christ’s love. The challenge of fitting in the repeated lyrics and actions as the tempo increases and increases is great fun! We’re introducing the song for our Big Top holiday club (August 2016), and in particular to reinforce the wideness of God’s mercy as we encounter Jonah the escape artist!

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See him coming (Glory and power to the One who loves us)

This song, by Mark Peterson, helps us to look forward with joy to the day of Jesus’ second coming and to his everlasting reign.

To view the lyrics for this song or to buy the album that it comes from (New Song In My Heart) in CD or digital format, click here (and scroll down to S: See him coming:

Jesus is the Lord (Came down from heaven)

Jesus is the Lord (Came down from heaven), an all-age song by Paul Sheely, rehearses truths about Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection, ascension and coming again.  It enables us to proclaim (even shout!) together:  Jesus is the Lord!

The song comes from the album The King, the Snake and the Promise.  You can buy the enhanced CD containing the song here: