Men @ HPC

We are a group of men who aim to grow in our faith with Jesus by learning and growing together, supporting and getting to know each other in our walk with Christ.

We meet once a month and enjoy a varied programme of events which have included visiting a golfing range followed by a curry, Saturday morning walk followed by breakfast and a talk, and Hot Potatoes – where we discuss hot potato subjects while also eating hot potatoes with delicious fillings. Come along when you can and meet with men of all ages to enjoy good fellowship and usually some good food as well!

Men@HPC Programme 2014-15

Women 2 Women

Women 2 Women – reaching out, building up. We have a regular programme for women throughout the year with the aim of encouraging women to share their faith.  There are a variety of events to choose from ranging from breakfast to pamper evening, so take your pick and invite your friends along.

There are plenty of additional opportunities for women to meet and celebrate our unique design as women; whether it be mum’s and toddlers (ABCs) or various craft groups.

Women2Women Programme 2014-15


A bible study group for women which is ideally suited for those women with pre school age children.Our aim is to nurture and feed women from the Bible as they seek to follow the Lord Jesus Christ: So that we can give an explanation of our faith and share it with others. This will enable our families and fellowship to be strengthened as we mature in the knowledge and love of God. We are committed to meet regularly so we grow to know one another in order to support each other practically and spiritually.

We offer a supervised crèche facility with DBS cleared volunteers. We meet in the church lounge Tuesdays from 9.30 till 11am (school terms only).

Women’s Day – Crowborough (June), London (October)

HPC books and organises trips to outside conferences where we can take the advantage to have fellowship with women in the wider church and be taught by more well known and gifted Christian women speakers.