Children’s Sunday Programme

Sept & Oct 2017

Abraham – Journey of Faith

Series Aims

  • To understand the call of Abraham as God’s gracious response to the world’s rebellion at Babel.
  • To see how God’s dealings with Abraham formed the basis of his rescue plan for the world.
  • To understand the nature of faith as it is illustrated in the life of Abraham.

Series Overview

After his judgement of the world for their rebellion at Babel, God calls Abraham and gives a threefold promise to him. This promise will shape God’s dealings with Abraham, his descendants and the world from that point onwards.  The promise involves land, descendants and blessing for the entire world. Abraham needs to respond to the promise in faith. This series traces Abraham’s growing understanding of what it means to trust God despite the many obstacles that appear to stand in the way of God keeping his promise.

There are times when Abraham takes matters into his own hands and does not fully trust God. But, as always, disobedience to God’s word results in pain and broken relationships and Abraham learns this the hard way. However, Abraham grows through these experiences and this is finally seen in his response to the ultimate test of faith – his willingness to sacrifice his own son and God’s command

God spares Isaac’s life and confirms his promise to Abraham. The threefold promise is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus, the only beloved son who was not spared on the mountain, but died and rose again to bring blessing to all people.


10/9/17 Introductory session

17/9/17 Calling Abraham Genesis 11:27-12:9

24/9/17 Lot’s Choice Genesis 13:1-18

8/10/17 Promise Confirmed Genesis 15:1-21

15/10/17 The Results of Unbelief Genesis 16:1-15

22/10/17 God Keeps His Promise Genesis 17:1-8; 18:1-16; 21:1-7

29/10/17 God Provides Genesis 22:1-19

Memory Verse: The Lord is faithful to all his promises Psalm 145:13